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Puglia & Matera Italy

Everywhere you look in Puglia, you see olive trees growing from the sun-soaked soil. And, believe me, the Mediterranean Sea is even bluer here than you can imagine. Every day, I fell like I am walking through a postcard.

If the Amalfi Coast and the Greek Isles had a love child, Puglia is certainly it.

In Puglia, I am experiencing:

  • Whitewashed towns overlooking the blue-green sea

  • Family-run wineries surrounded by ancient olive orchards

  • Hidden coves tucked along the untouched coastline

  • Pasta, bread and cheese made fresh each day

  • Italian hospitality at its warmest – I felt like family

When you travel with me, you’ll discover the places only locals know about. One of these spots is Polignano a Mare. Found in the north of Puglia, Polignano is a fishing village of 16,000 souls. Built atop sea cliffs, Poligano is home to crystal-blue seas and whitewashed homes.

You can stroll the village’s promenade, drinking in views of the Mediterranean and centuries-old stone buildings. In one of the town’s trattorias, you might enjoy seafood caught fresh that day while you watch fishermen row in to shore. Adventurous eaters can even dine in a grotto – one of Polignano’s best restaurants is located inside an actual sea cave!

Puglia needs to be seen to be believed. Keep your eyes out on social media for more gorgeous pictures from my amazing week in Puglia & Matera.

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